Scope of Work - Iron workers are skilled workers who erect, assemble, or install fabricated structural metal products, usually large metal beams, in the erection of industrial, commercial or large residential buildings.  Structural Iron workers erect the steel framework of bridges and buildings.  Reinforcing Rod Iron workers set steel bars or steel mesh in concrete forms to strengthen concrete in buildings and bridges.  Ornamental Iron workers install metal stairways, catwalks, gratings, grills, screens, fences and decorative ironwork.  The Rigger is an iron worker whose job is to move heavy machinery, using rollers, forklifts and other sources of power.


Working Conditions - Most of the work is done outdoors, with the exception of some of the ornamental ironwork, remodeling and repair work.  Most iron work can be carried on year-round except in instances of very severe weather.  Because Iron workers risk injury from falls from great heights, safety devices such as nets, safety belts and scaffolding are used. They do a great deal of climbing, balancing and reaching.



Apprenticeship Requirements


Length of Program -  4-year apprenticeship, attend class one day every two weeks.


Requirements - Must be 18 years old, live within jurisdiction, have high school diploma or GED, and pass physical exam (including drug screening).  No entry-level examination, but math, reading and writing skills are important to succeed in the program.


To apply, contact the school for an application.  Applicants are placed on a list and placed in apprentice program as needed (drawn from list by lottery system).  There are no tests or interviews.


Courses Required - Burning, Welding, Air Arcing, Blueprint Reading, Math, Bolting and Fitting, CPR, First Aid, unlimited welding certification and fork truck training and aligning and leveling.


Graduates of Apprentice Program may receive credit toward the Construction Technology Degree offered by Henry Ford Community College.



Ironworkers Local 8 -  Apprenticeship & Training

Jacobetti Center - Northern Michigan University - Marquette Michigan

Richard D. Hanson, Training Coordinator

12034 W. Adler Lane

Milwaukee, WI 53214

(414) 476-9372 - UP (906) 228-6450

FAX (414) 476-9742



Richard D. Hanson , Career Opportunity Consultant

(414) 476-9372


Territories Covered:  All Counties of the Upper Peninsula.



Ironworkers Local 25 - Iron Workers Apprentice Training Center

Kevin McDonell, Training Coordinator

50490 West Pontiac Trail

Wixom, Michigan 48393

(248) 960-2130

FAX (248) 960-0980 - Application Information



Territories Covered: Lower Peninsula, except Monroe and Lenawee counties.



Toledo Area Ironworkers Joint Apprenticeship Training Center Local 55

Phil Gluza, Training Coordinator

1078 Atlantic Avenue

Toledo,OH 43609

(419) 382-3080

FAX (419) 593-0082



Territories Covered:  Lenawee County, Monroe County.